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Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) Reactors

Written by : LPICM Communication

Sputtering Deposition

LPICM has developed significant know-how in the deposition by sputtering of Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO) and thin metallic films for electronic and optical applications.  Examples of applications include electrical contacts for photovoltaics, optoelectronic transition layers for superconductors, optical layers on quartz, and mirrors.

Two sputtering tools are available at the LPICM – the first is the Alliance Concept sputtering tool.  This tool has four targets, can operate in DC or RF mode, substrate heating up to 300°C, can do reactive sputtering (with O2), and has a load lock.  The following table lists the materials that have been developed with success in this tool.

The second sputtering tool is a single target PLASSYS reactor, used for many years to deposit Chromium and new prospect In2O3ZrO2.


Metal Evaporators

As a supporting tool for device fabrication, the LPICM also disposes of two Joule effect metal evaporators, a home-made Bell jar evaporator, and a BOC Edwards evaporator.