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In situ and real-time observation of nanocrystal growth in « NanoMAX », a modified ETEM

« NanoMAX », a modified environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM), joined the CIMEX platform in 2015 The NanoMAX project is part of the « TEMPOS « Equipex ( funded by the French Governement “Investissement d’Avenir” program. TEMPOS stands for Transmission Electron Microscopy at Palaiseau, Orsay and Saclay and it gathers the efforts of the  Paris-Saclay University (UPSaclay), […]

Transmission Electron Microscopy-TEM

Nanoscale characterization using advanced TEM based techniques ( HR-TEM, HR-STEM, ED and Chemical analysis using EDX spectroscopy )  LPICM is a member of the CIMEX( Centre Interdisciplinaire de Microscopie Electronique de l’X )  platform ( at Ecole Polytechnique regrouping mainly four laboratories having research topics in different domains from material and life science. Potential application […]


In our laboratory, we frequently have to detect photons, whether for: Characterize devices or processes designed in the laboratory which themselves emit photons: emission spectrum, quantum efficiency, polarization of emitted photons, etc. Use photons as a characterization probe for: Deposits of thin layers carried out in the laboratory (ellipsometry…) biological tissues (Müller polarimetry…) … We […]