Laboratoire de Physique des Interfaces et des Couches Minces

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Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Introduction The first Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations appeared nearly at the same time as the first computers. With this technique the motion of atoms and molecules under predefined conditions, such as temperature, pressure, stress, external forces, etc. is simulated. MD simulations can therefore be used to study dynamical processes at the nanoscale and to calculate […]

Metrology of nano-objects with Mueller polarimetry

A)      Characterization of metrological targets (1D diffraction gratings, critical dimensions < 100 nm) in conical diffraction with spectroscopic MM polarimeter operating in visible wavelength range. Reflection of polarized light by 1D diffraction grating in conical diffraction configuration leads to the cross-talk of two polarization eigenstates that, in turn, results in all non-zero elements of Mueller […]