Laboratoire de Physique des Interfaces et des Couches Minces

CNRS - École polytechnique - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years, start – April 2024) at LPICM, Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, France within the framework of the SNF Sinergia HORAO project

 Angelo Pierangelo  Phone : +33-1-46-69-43-69 Tatiana Novikova Phone : +33 6 72 14 46 58, +33 1 69 33 43 41     Full-field multispectral Mueller polarimetric imaging for improved surgery of neurological malignancies  Keywords: Optical imaging – Polarized light; Mueller polarimetry – Signal processing – Cancer surgery – Surgical microscope – Surgical exoscope.  […]

Graphene coating for corrosion protection of aluminum

The deterioration or the corrosion of metal structures is recognized as one of the most serious problems in the modern technological world as it results in the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in damage each year [1]. Many studies have determined that the annual metal deterioration and corrosion costs range from approximately 1 […]