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Multimodal Multispectral – UV-VIS-IR – Polarimetric Microscopy

New Project: Infrared Polarimetric Microscope with Synchrotron Light The new instrumental project is about the development of a non-conventional Infrared Imaging Polarimeter that will be installed at Synchrotron SOLEIL and will we operative at the end of 2021. The optical design of the new microscope will be optimize to fully exploit the brightness of the […]

In situ Modulated Photoluminescence

  Improving the performance of solar cells requires, among other things, the development of efficient surface passivation techniques. Passivation consists in neutralizing the defects present on the surface of the semiconductor which act as recombination centers of photo-generated charge carriers. This passivation, which can be ensured by a chemical effect (saturation of the pendant bonds […]