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Angle resolved polarimetric microscopy

Written by : Martin Foldyna

We have a long-standing history in the development of an angle-resolved Mueller matrix polarimeter which can image all 16 elements of the Mueller matrix in either real or Fourier space. The system operates with ferroelectric crystals and optics able to work anywhere in the spectral range from 450 to 700 nm.

Schematics of the angle-resolved Mueller matrix polarimeter capable to measure in either real or Fourier plane.

An example of the images taken by the instruments is vertical nanowire domains fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching in the real space as well as the Fourier plane. The following example shows two distinctive domains of periodic arrays in a hexagonal lattice with the distinct doubling of the diffraction orders observer in the Fourier plane.

Left: Fourier space image of the element of Mueller matrix showing two sets of diffraction orders. Right: Real space image of two domains formed by vettical nanowire arrays with different periodicity.

The full potential of the instrument can be seen on the following image showing a real space image of multi-domain part of the vertical nanowire array sample in addition to a complete angle-resolved Mueller matrix measured in Fourier space on the same spot.

Left: Reals space image of vertical nanowire arrays with many domains. Right: Mueller matrix images in Fourier plane taken on the spot shown in the left image.



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